Sorrento is a wonderfully colourful,cultural and busy town located in the centre of the Sorrentine Peninsula.Founded by the Greeks and later renamed Sorrentum by the Romans,Sorrento has long since been a destination for tourists form all over the world and the Sorrentine pride in their tourist industry is second to none.Whilst providing all the modern amenities a tourits requires-local bus service, trains, hydrofoil, boutiques, resturants,beaches,and elegants hotels,Sorrento has managed to retains its authentic traditional archicthure and lifestlyle. Central to the town isPiazza Tasso named in honour of the famous local poet Torquato Tasso.The square is the busy hub of the town and is filled with resturants,coffee bars and ice cream shops. From the square,the town unfolds via a series of meandering streets and alleyways where you will discovery a variety of shops displayiing typical local crafts such as ceramics,inlaid wood,lace making food stallls with local cheses,spices and herbes and of course the specilalitylimoncello shops. Here you can sample the many varieties and flavours of the famous local lemon based liquor – limoncello – choose your favourite to purchase and relive your experience at home! You will also find high fashion,elegant boutiques for the more discerning shopper. The town also boasts impressive architecture with buildings such as the baroque Church del Carmine,the Instituto di Santa Maria della Pietà, the Palazzo Correale,the Museum Correale di Terranova,the Duomo,behind which you can visit the ruins of the ancient city wall,the Church of Sant’Antonino – patron saint of Sorrento – the Armida Theatre and many more. The vibrant town of Sorrento,is a wonderful combination of traditional and modern,with many architecturaltreasures, two ports,beaches, local traditional cuisine, fine dining, markets, boutiques and local craft shops, surrounded by wonderful coastal views and all easily explored by foot.