This 9th century town is situated high above the Amalfi Coastline on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Ravello is a beautiful town and historically a known haven for artists. Rediscovered by travelling writers and musicians in the 18th and 19th century,Ravello was famously home to the composer Wagner who wrote many of his important compositions while living in the town,whose beauty it is said inspired him greatly. This fact is celebrated every year in the town,where an outdoor concert of his work is performed in the magnificent Villa Rufolo. This picturesque artisan town is a maze of pretty winding streets and alleyways along which you will encounter tiny hidden chapels,ancient dwelling places,as well as the grander buildings such as The CathedralVilla Cimbrone and the Churches of San Giovanni del Tauro and Santa Maria a Gradillo. One of the most famous buildings in Ravello is the Villa Rufolo and it is a must see on your visit. The villa,once home to the noble Rufolo family,majestic in its architecture,with its beautiful terrace overlooking the sparkling ocean and breathtaking coast,is fascinating to explore. This lesser known town has an unassuming and gentle atmosphere making it a tranquil place to explore after which,you can sit at leisure and dine,sampling the delicious local cuisine surrounded by elevated views of tha spectacular coastline. Your visit tu Ravello will certainly become a treasured memory of your time in Campania.