Positano is a small,unspoiled fishing village situated along the magnificent Amalfi Coast,approximately 40 mins. From the centre of Sorrento. The drive to Positano provides spectacular views of what is believed to the most beautiful coastline in Italy – the Amalfi Coast. Winding your way through awe inspiring cliffs which drop down dramatically to the sparkling ocean,you are led to the picturesque town of Positano. Built on the slopes of Mount Comune,the colourful houses lie in tiers which sweep down to the ocean. Traditionally in the past,Positano was a fishing town but by the end of the 19th century when an access road was hewn out of the rock face,Positano turned its trade to tourism and became a highly regarded holiday destination for Italians and foreigners alike. Accessed still by a single road,Via Pasitea,winds its way down from the town hall to the Piazzetta dei Mulini,which in turn leads down to the small Piazza Flavio Gioia,where you will find the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption. The Church,with its traditional majolica tiled dome,is beautifully constructed and decorated and with its adjacent bell tower and crypt is well worth a visit. For sun worshippers,Positano provides the beautiful natural beaches of Fornillo,La Porta,Fiumicello and Arienzo. For trekkers,the magnificent foothills above Positano afford wonderful views of the bay and the local surroundings. Renowned for its artistic background,Positano is the ideal place to shop for local traditional craftwork as well as providing many exclusive boutiques. In recent times,Positano has been referred to as the “New Capri” as it has become a most sought after vacation spot of the rich and famous. Maintaining its traditional architecture and lifestyle whilst still providing all modern amenities, Positano is truly an ususual and picturesque town and a must-see on your visit to Campania.