Ercolano is an archaeological site,lesser known than its neighbour Pompeii,but is equally fascinating. Situated halfway between Naples and Pompeii it sits in the menacing shadow of Mt.Vesuvius,overlooking the sea. Ercolano was a gentle fishing town in contrast to the bustling metropolis of Pompeii. Though similar to Pompeii in its architectural diversity due to domination by the Etruscans,Samnites and later Rome,the Layout of Ercolano is perhaps a little more open and frees in design. Its buildings were highly decorated and the divide between rich and poor far more obvious in residential structures. While Pompeii took the full blast of the Vesuvian eruption,Ercolano too was engulfed but by the later fluid mass of lava,which,being muddy and liquid,seeped into every corner and crevice of the town,and when dry,and paper,were so authentically preserved,provide what some believe to be a far more accurate story of ancient Rome than does its more famous counterpart – Pompeii. Smaller in scale,lesser known,the town of Ercolano,named for the Greek God Hercules,provides a fascinating insight into the past,and is a highly recommended stop on your tour.