Dating back to 596 A.D. Amalfi is a gem of a town waiting for you at the end of a magnificent journey along the spectacular Amalfi Coast. Historically,the citizens of Amalfi have always been regarded as fiercely independent and innovative. The first ever maritime code was drawn up in Amalfi and the original document can be viewed at the Amalfi Cultural and Heritage Centre,along with many other historical artefacts. The Amalfi people also perfected the industrial mass production of paper. To view more examples of the techniques of these past masters why not visit the Museo della Carta,where you can see many fine examples of ancient tools and artefacts related to the ancient craft. Across the street from the museum is a ceramic factory which today still uses the traditional techniques of clay moulding and firing. In the centre of this colourful town stands the magnificent “Cattedrale di S.Andrea Apostolo” in the centre of the town. This majestic cathedral,built in 1728 is accessed via a dramatic flight of 57 steps,leading to the atrium. A combination of many cultures and architectural styles,the cathedral with its bell tower,its sacristy housing the reliquary of Saint Andrew,its dramatic main altar and its ancient crypt provides a fascinating historical and artistic experience. From fine dining,to rustic cuisine,local coffee shops which specialise in typical Amalfi dolce (sweets) and ice cream,Amalfi is a wonderful place to dine amid the bustling friendly townsfolk,before taking an equally breathtaking journey back along the coast. Amalfi is a delight – a true gem of the Sorrentine Peninsula.